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Aslam is an African software developer, by birth and by choice. A couple of decades later and he is convinced that software development is hard, very, hard. Trying to find tradeoffs throws us into extreme states, way off balance, struggling to find the best way forward. These days Aslam tries to bind strategy and code with the shortest and tautest of strings, finding the least that we can do to fulfil a strategic intent.

Experiments in Reasoning (Talk, Main Conference)
by Aslam Khan

Most of us started with patterns by Eric Evans and others. This helped us build models using Object Orientated Design and we have grown to appreciate the value of patterns such as Aggregate and Value Object. This talk looks forward and consists of various attempts to push our boundaries towards a more declarative way of domain modelling. We will look at a functional and logic based approach to design, where the statement of the requirement is the model itself. Apart from the variable choices in programming languages, the thinking tools that arise from this helps reduces the impedance between programmers and domain experts. The intention of this talk is to share, generate conversation so that we move forward as a community.

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