Indu Alagarsamy

Indu Alagarsamy

Distributed Systems Engineer
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· Designing Resilient Microservices using DDD and Messaging
· Integrating Bounded Contexts
· Modeling Lean Systems


Indu Alagarsamy has been programming for over 15 years. She is currently part of the development team at Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus, practicing her passion. Indu is also passionate about diversity and inclusiveness in the tech industry. When not programming, she is either rock climbing in sunny Southern California or spending time with her kids!

Designing Resilient Microservices using DDD and Messaging (One Day Pre-conference Workshop)
by Indu Alagarsamy

This is a pre-conference workshop. Click for details.

Integrating Bounded Contexts (Talk, DDD Foundations 2020)
by Indu Alagarsamy

A bounded context is a safe place for models to evolve freely. There are no conflicts or contradictions within a bounded context. So, how does one convey important and meaningful changes that happen within the context that can impact the overall system? Messaging can be useful as an integration mechanism between bounded contexts. Learn how you can combine the principles of DDD with event-driven architecture to build truly autonomous services, a.k.a microservices.

Modeling Lean Systems (Hands-on Lab, Main Conference)
by Jennifer Carlston, Indu Alagarsamy

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity. You should receive an invitation to sign up for your favourite session at latest one week before the conference. Capacity of this session = 72)

A professional engineer builds the right tool at the right time. How can you know that you're building a system that will deliver value to your customers? Does everyone understand the processes being built around your organization? In this workshop you'll learn how to visualize and model processes around customer need and event storm using the principles of Lean Flow.

Engineers will come out of this workshop with a process blueprint for their code. We will use human centered design and iterative practices to visualize, communicate, and measure the value delivered within every context of their domain.

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