Michel Grootjans

Michel Grootjans

Technical Agile Coach
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Michel Grootjans has been programming since the age of 12. He has programmed strange machines like the TI 99-4A, the Atari 2600, Mac128, HP28, Apple II, Siemens PLC's, using languages like Basic, Pascal, C, HyperTalk, Assembler, ... along the way.

His professional experiences includes building enterprise applications for government, chemical plants, telecom, HR, insurance companies, ... in java, C# and ruby.

He's an independent technical agile coach. He coaches agile teams on continuous improvement, trying to find the most productive principles and practices to deliver value for the customer as fast as possible, while aiming for a product that is both flexible and maintainable.

Playing With Projections (Hands-on Lab, Main Conference)
by Thomas Coopman, Michel Grootjans

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity. You should receive an invitation to sign up for your favourite session at latest one week before the conference. Capacity of this session = 72)

In this session, you will be working for an online Quiz Platform. Based on the full event history of the past years, you will have to answer to business questions, like: did our last ad campaign have any real impact, are we targeted by spammers, what kind of new campaigns should we launch? To solve these problems, you will need to transform the event stream to a structure, a projection, that can answer these questions.

This is a hands-on session where you will be coding. You will be implementing projections based on an event stream we provide. Don’t forget to bring your laptop or be prepared to pair with someone else. Mob programming would be awesome. This is not an advanced workshop, so everyone can progress at their own pace, but you do have to be able to write code (if you can’t code, but you find a coder to pair with, that’s of course fine)!

We provide clients in several languages so you can start answering the business questions very swiftly.

Bring a laptop with java, c# or JavaScript (if you don't bring your laptop, you can pair with someone)

Visual Notetaking for Beginners (Hands-on Lab, Main Conference)
by Michel Grootjans

As developers, product owners, architects and other software professionals, we regularly have to draw. Sometimes it’s note-taking in a meeting, sometimes it’s designing at a whiteboard or at a flip chart. Sometimes making a yellow sticky more snazzy. In this workshop, you’ll experiment with several techniques to add that little touch to your notes.

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