Natalia Chechina

Natalia Chechina

Lecturer in Computing at Bournemouth University
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Natalia Chechina is passionate about distributed systems, cooperative robotics, scalability, and fault tolerance. Her research investigates approaches and techniques to enable scaling and efficient performance on commodity hardware where components are loosely coupled, communication is significant, and any of the components may fail or disconnect at any time.

Scaling robots (Talk, Main Conference)
by Natalia Chechina

Competitiveness of industries on the world market is dictated by the ability of companies to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies -- robots are their important and fascinating part. There are lots of obstacles in integrating robots, starting from a limited range of tasks robots are capable to perform to the costs associated with running and maintaining robots. In this talk I’ll share research findings on scalability of robots (both single robot and groups of robots).

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