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Oleg Kutyrin

Chief Development Architect - Central Engineering
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· Experience applying DDD for aligning an enterprise scale data model


Architect dealing with cloud-native application development at SAP

Experience applying DDD for aligning an enterprise scale data model (Talk, Main Conference)
by Juergen Heymann, Oleg Kutyrin

Enterprise scale IT landscapes typically consist of many applications that together implement a business process. These applications have specialized functionality and separate data / domain models. Integrating them requires high efforts for complex point-to-point mappings, yet the resulting landscape still does not appear as one coherent whole. APIs to the systems still expose the very different data models, conventions and protocols which makes consumption tedious. The same problem arises for product companies like SAP that sell business processes as a service on top of a combination of home-grown and acquired applications.

SAP has started a project to define an overarching data / domain model as a foundation for process and data integration of our Intelligent Enterprise Suite.

We selected DDD as the fundamental methodology to design the 'One Domain Model' leveraging the concepts of domains, bounded contexts, aggregates and guide the model alignment discussions.

This talk shares our experience applying the DDD principles, our alignment process and some design heuristics that we discovered on the way.

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