Vladik Khononov

Vladik Khononov

Chief Architect at Naxex
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· Balancing Coupling in Distributed Systems
· Case Study: Large-Scale Marketing System


I’m a software developer with nearly 20 years of industry experience. During the years I worked for companies large and small, in roles ranging from Software Engineer to Chief Architect. 

When away from work, I maintain an active media career as public speaker and blogger. I’m speaking and writing on topics such as Microservices, Domain-Driven Design, and more. Alongside the media work, I have a keen professional interest in Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, and Software Design in general.

In the remaining time, I read lots of books on various topics, fly R/C aircrafts, and rescue troubled animals.

Balancing Coupling in Distributed Systems (Talk, Main Conference)
by Vladik Khononov

We are taught to avoid coupling like a plague. Over the years we’ve introduces numerous design and architectural patterns that decouple systems. But what exactly is coupling? What types of coupling are out there? Are all of them equally bad? Or maybe there is a “good” coupling?

In this talk I’ll share my thoughts on the subject of coupling in distributed systems, and will answer all of the above questions.

Case Study: Large-Scale Marketing System (Talk, DDD Foundations 2020)
by Vladik Khononov

Turns out Domain-Driven Design works not only for cargo shipping. In this session I’d like to share the story of Plexop. Plexop is a large-scale marketing system that spans over a dozen of different business domains - from management of advertising spaces to sales agents’ commissions. To implement Plexop we had very limited resources and a very short time to market. That’s why we embraced Domain-Driven Design from day one, and boy did it pay out. I will show how DDD allowed us to manage complexities, and the things that we have learned the hard way - by making our own mistakes.

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